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2010 Resolutions

Well, I had to do this eventually. Also, Jen asked to. I did post it on my blog, but I suppose this version can be called "THE DETAILED VERSION".

Currie Hall interview was okay, I suppose. I hope I got a place and get to move in as soon as possible. Privacy is made of win!

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Meme time!

Work has been fine so far. What I'm doing right now is tedious and requires A LOT of attention to detail, but I like it, because it's tedious and requires a lot of attention to detail. LOL yes I repeated it. I like it 'cause my strength (I feel) is both in my attention to detail, and being able to see the big picture. While I don't need the latter to do the task right now, I still like it.

That didn't quite make sense. But whatever. I thought it's about time I livened up my LJ! :D

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Imsomnia does not become me.

Second or third night in a row not being able to sleep when I should. It sucks, especially on Monday and Wednesday nights, when I have Microecons at 8am the next morning. Sigh.

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In other, non-essential life issues - House is finally coming back next week! And Castle! I have become obsessed with Castle. But I like Kate Beckett more than Richard Castle, hee hee. Sometimes, her work attire is almost exactly what I'd love to wear almost all the time. 3/4 sleeved shirts, leather jackets, trench coats... Hahahaha!

That being said, I spent like 77AUD on 3 books from Amazon the other week. Half of it is the shipping cost, which is almost 13AUD per item. So that'll be about 39. GOOD GRIEF IT IS MORE THAN HALF.

On the other hand, I am currently debating whether I should or should not order Heat Wave off of Amazon.
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My New Year's Resolutions : Because I need them. And I update my LJ INfrequently enough to be able to constantly check back. LOL.

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2008 was fulfilling. It was harder than any year I've had. Whether I've come out on top is actually, not for me to judge. There's change like there is every year, but I'm sure that, because of 2008, I've changed more to become me.

Happy New Year, everyone. Eventhough it's in only 15 minutes.

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Postin' on my LJ

Had the sudden urge to post on my LJ. Well, actually no. It's because I already logged in to LJ and I was to lazy to log in to my blogdrive as well.

Just a quick, random post.

My mentor wrote something really sweet in my classmate's yearbook. I don't know, I think the first sentence itself was awesome. It was something along the lines of "I found out that Matthew had Hebrew origins, meaning 'A gift from the Lord'," and it went on asking Matt to be a gift to others. Hahaha. It was nice. I'm gonna miss my lecturers, they are all awesome people.

Still trying to con get Ms Ng to sign my yearbook. She's the only lecturer who hasn't signed mine yet.

Blinking light above me giving worse headache than I already have. I'm gonna go back to my seat at the back of the library.