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Nobody knows where we might end up

Fancy drivel from a random writer.

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[About me]
Maybe a bit too uptight, maybe a bit too relaxed, maybe a bit too sarcastic, maybe a bit too lame. Maybe a bit too quiet, maybe a bit too talkative. I love being me. I'm not very social, nor am I anti-social. But I can get a bit too fangirly. LOL. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I love watching House MD and CSI NY. And I love ReGenesis. I know it's over, but I still love it. And I recently got into Damages. I love sports, like squash and tennis. I pursue a lot of interests - just because I can. I have big dreams for myself. I unfortunately am not getting off my ass to work towards my goals.

TV - ReGenesis, House MD, CSI NY, Damages, Leverage
Sports - Squash, tennis, gymnastics
Books - Garth Nix, Eoin Colfer, JRR Tolkien, Patricia Cornwell
Music - Coldplay, The Corrs, Annie Lennox, Athlete, Civil Twilight, Owl City. I listen to all sorts of music, although I generally avoid techno, rap and hard rock.

Justine Henin: Because she is just awesome.
... and a whole lot more!

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